Uber, Lyft and car insurance: what you need to now

Authored by Bukaty Companies on July 2, 2015

Ride sharing services like Uber & Lyft have grown rapidly in popularity. More and more drivers with personally owned vehicles are signing up to provide rides to paying passengers. 

While this service-for-fee exchange may seem simple and inconsequential, it is still considered a business transaction. Providing any service for a fee imparts upon you a duty to provide a higher degree of care to the person paying the fee.

Your current insurance limits may not be sufficient to compensate a paying passenger for injuries they sustain as a passenger in your vehicle due to your negligence.

If you or a family member are considering driving for Uber or Lyft, we want to caution you that your personal auto insurance policy specifically excludes coverage for claims arising from these types of transportation-for-hire-activities.

Coverage solutions are available. We urge you to call our office to discuss options and pricing before you commit yourself. 

For additional questions on this topic, call our Home & Auto Insurance Customer Service Line at 913-777-7549

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