Humana COVID-19 Frequently Asked questions

Authored by Bukaty Companies on December 27, 2021

Qualified testing remains at $0 cost-share; member responsible for cost of non-qualified testing

Humana issued an Employer Group COVID-19 FAQs, providing clarity on COVID-19 testing coverage changes effective October 1, 2021. Plan sponsors and members should refer to the FAQ for specifics on testing eligibility and related costs. Questions include:

  • Is Humana covering COVID-19 testing at $0 member cost-share?
    • Humana continues to cover COVID-19 testing at $0 member cost-share for all members as required by the Public Health Emergency Period regulations established by the federal government.
  • What COVID-19 testing scenarios are NOT eligible to be covered by Humana?
    • Not-covered scenarios include, but are not limited to, entertainment purposes, sports participation, travel purposes, physicals or screening in a public setting.
  • Will Humana consider allowing clients to order batches of test kits for onsite testing when working from home is not an option?
    • No, Humana will not provide batches of rapid COVID-19 tests for clients to perform onsite testing.
  • Will Humana cover diagnostic testing required by employers for employees to return to work?
    • Per CDC guidelines for testing, those who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection or those without symptoms who may have been exposed to the virus qualify for testing.
  • Will Humana cover COVID-19 antibody testing with no member cost sharing?
    • Humana will cover medically necessary antibody testing that is ordered by a physician. Humana will not cover antibody testing for return to work or school or for general health check purposes, except as required by applicable law.

Bukaty Companies will continue to monitor developing COVID-19 protocols and regulations. For additional resources visit our COVID-19 Resource Library. Please contact your Bukaty benefits consultant at 913.345.0440 with questions.