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6 ways to improve employee mental health

Authored by Bukaty Companies on July 14, 2020

A pandemic can have negative effects on your employees’ mental health. Use the strategies below to show employees your support for their emotional state.

1. Remind employees of available mental health resources or employee assistance programs (EAPs).

If you offer mental health resources or an EAP, send reminders to employees. Be sure to communicate how to use the services and reiterate their privacy. It can be daunting for employees to admit they are struggling.


2. Schedule a safe, COVID-conscious social event.

Employees may feel isolated or depressed with limitations on social gatherings. Schedule voluntary virtual lunches and happy hours to help employees connect with others craving social interaction. 

3. Stay positive.
Positivity coming from the top down can greatly impact overall attitudes during this tough time. Be sure to remain understanding and aware of employeconcerns, but consider it a great time to focus on jobs well done too 

4. Suggest “mental health days” or “staycations.”
Many spring and summer vacations may have been cancelled, so promote days of relaxation for your employees. Remind them that it doesn’t have to be a special occasion for them to take time away from workplace stressors. 

5. Reinvent fun.
Infuse some fun into the workweek every now and then. Conduct a drawing for gift cardsask for favorite recipe submissions that can be compiled and shared electronically or share childhood photos. Fun doesn’t have to detract from getting work done, but it can do a lot to get spirits high. 

6. Communicate regularly 
Communicate with your employees about COVID-19 safety measures and wellness resources. The added communication will reassure them that they are your top priority, anyou are committed to keep them safe. 

Keep your employees' mental health front of mind even as the pandemic subsides. Happy, healthy employees are best for your bottom line. Additionally, if you are interested in offering an EAP, call us today at 913.345.0440. 

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