Reschedule preventive appointments during National Women's Health Week

    Bring women’s health to the forefront

    Authored by Bukaty Companies on May 11, 2020

    Stay-at-home orders forced many women to cancel routine doctor visits and other preventive services. National Womens Health Week is a reminder that good health extends well beyond social distancing and hand washing. It’s a time take care of your whole self.  

    Preventive appointments 

    As the country reopens, its important for women to reschedule preventive appointments such as 

    • mammograms, 
    • well-woman exams, 
    • annual physicals, and 
    • colonoscopies (which can be substituted for at-home stool tests). 

    These screenings are vital to proactively detect health concerns 

    At-home screenings 

    Everyone has remained vigilant about symptoms of COVID-19, but some at-home preventive screenings may have fallen by the wayside. Women should continue to perform regular self-checks of their skin and breasts. If any unusual spots or lumps are discovered, call your doctor. Many insurance carriers are offering more options for virtual health appointments during this time. 

    Healthy habits  

    With gyms closed and daily routines altered, many may have let exercise and health eating take a back seat. As woman head back to work, it’s time to jumpstart new habits and try to retain good quarantine habits like daily walks 

    Women should not let coronavirus overshadow other health concerns. Use National Womens Health Week as a reason to start rescheduling preventive appointments, do at-home health checks, and use available time and resources to build and maintain healthy habits. 

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