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Authored by Bukaty Companies on April 7, 2020

Team building is more important now than ever, as many companies transition to online work. Cohesive teams are integral for any organization’s success. Learn what you can do as an employer and manager to streamline team connection and success.

Clarify goals and objectives

For teamwork to make the company dream work, every member must work toward the same goal. If your teams don’t have a clear direction or mission, misunderstandings may be a communication block. If the team understands their objectives, they are more likely to see eye-to-eye.

Assign group work with purpose

There can be too many cooks in the kitchen, and if a team is constantly at odds, it may be time to re-examine their project work. Some projects are better fit for individuals and, when given to a team, can cause unnecessary conflict.

Practice transformational leadership

No matter how cohesive, a team needs quality management and leadership. In today’s work environment, most leadership is transactional; it’s based on supervision and performance. Instead, transformational leadership leans on principles of listening, communicating and understanding. Transformational leaders clearly relay organizational goals and ideals, so every employee knows how to contribute. This style of leadership focuses on the “why” and is valuable for teams.

Increase praise and accountability

When a team achieves key objectives together, recognize their efforts to encourage the positive, productive interaction. Similarly, hold team members accountable when their contributions don’t meet company standards.

Ensure adequate resources

If every team member doesn’t have access to proper training, tools and technologies, their success will be limited. Communicate with your teams and secure any additional education or materials they need to grow and flourish together.

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