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Encourage proper diabetes management in the workplace

Authored by Bukaty Companies on February 11, 2020

Pharmacy costs are rising, premiums are increasing, wellness program results are lackluster, and now several employees are suffering from diabetes, a dangerous condition with high-cost claims. Diabetes is physically and monetarily costly, but these concerns can diminish with proper disease management. 

Employers have several options to help employees improve their diabetes management, which would maximize employee well-being and minimize overall costs.

External services

Apps and electronic portals designed for diabetes management can make it easier for people with chronic conditions to stay healthier. The company’s medical insurance carrier may partner with a chronic disease management service for employers to utilize. These services may offer access to diabetes experts, blood sugar testing strips, a connected blood sugar meter with alert capabilities, and more.


Access to health care professionals who can give constructive advice for behavior modification allows employees to consistently improve their own care regimens. Many health insurance carriers are embedding no-cost or low-cost diabetes programs into their benefit packages. Employers also can work with a diabetes education program in their area to provide a similar benefit to employees.

Private care stations

Proper diabetes management often includes insulin shots and blood sugar tests throughout the day, but employees may want to more privacy than is available in workplace restrooms or public space. Create a private location where employees feel comfortable administering necessary care measures while at work.


Equipment for diabetes is key to avoid major health concerns. If employees have the necessary equipment for self-care (blood sugar meter, testing strips, etc.), it is more likely they will administer appropriate care. Large group medical plans have the flexibility to create a benefit design that provides testing materials and insulin at $0 co-pay for members. As listed above, some disease management programs offer equipment as part of their service.


By providing employees access to information and care, they’ll feel a strong support system and less need to hide their condition. This will improve employee mental health and encourage good health management practices.

Improved preventive care and disease monitoring will minimize the detrimental health conditions associated with diabetes, creating more engaged, healthier employees and lower claims costs. For more information about chronic disease management programs, contact Bukaty at 913.345.0440.

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