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    Good bookkeeping practices save time and money

    Authored by Bukaty Companies on November 4, 2021

    In today’s climate, employers are subject to greater compliance requirements and scrutiny, underscoring the importance of maintaining tip-top bookkeeping records. Bukaty Companies Payroll & Accountings Services can relieve some of that compliance pressure. If you haven’t considered utilizing a professional accounting services provider, now may be the time.

    The laundry-list of requirements needed to address bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities is a time-consuming task. Best-practices include

    • maintaining a relevant chart of accounts,
    • generating weekly cash flow reports,
    • conducting month-end reviews of transactions and reconciling both accounts payable and receivable,
    • submitting payment for quarterly and annual taxes, and
    • comparing your projected yearly budget with actual spend to target areas to trim expenses.

    Professional accounting providers supply a suite of essential services, ranging from processing payroll to paying bills and keeping books reconciled and in order.

    More and more businesses are switching to cloud-based bookkeeping practices. By bringing the accounting processes online, information becomes easily accessible and organized. Errors are minimized with software, which in turn shrinks the risk of mistakenly falling out of compliance. Bukaty Companies Payroll & Accounting Services division has a proven track record for taking the stress off employers for their accounting and payroll administration. Call 913.354.0440 and ask to speak to Sheri Reynolds.