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    Keep your business profitable

    Authored by Bukaty Companies on January 24, 2023

    With an uncertain economic forecast on the horizon, business owners need to keep an extra close eye on their books to avoid excess costs. Keeping a business profitable is a basic goal of any owner, but the formula to get there is not always so simple. These tips can help take you from merely breaking even to turning profits.

    • Timeliness. Access to real-time financial data provides an accurate oversight of your business risk and profitability and is crucial to determine your financial health.  
    • Forecasting. Short-term and long-term goals should be evaluated consistently. Identify important KPIs and track them regularly. You should have a clear view of which costs are fixed and essential, and which can be quickly reduced to take you to the next level of profitability. 
    • Reliable resource. Having a trusted source managing your payroll and accounting processes makes all the difference. Bukaty Companies Payroll & Accounting can be your reliable resource for your payroll and accounting needs. Our expertise can provide you with the financial insights and management that you need to keep your business on track. 
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