Telehealth vs in-person doctor visits is there a disconnect in quality

Telehealth vs in-person doctor visits; is there a disconnect in quality?

Authored by Bukaty Companies on October 12, 2022

Since the COVID-19 public health crisis, telehealth visits have been on the rise. Telehealth refers to the practice of receiving health counseling virtually rather than in a provider’s office. While the convenience is appealing, some employees prefer in-person visits for the face-to-face contact. However, studies have shown that remote primary care generally does not provide a lower quality of care than the traditional in-office format.

Telehealth visits are convenient, eliminate exposure to germs and viruses circulating in a doctor’s office and expand access to providers nationwide. Conversely, some
services are not able to be provided virtually. Blood work, urine tests and other assessments still need to be performed in-person.

It all comes down to a matter of preference. Whether your plan members prefer telehealth or traditional outlets for receiving care, it is important to create a health plan
that caters to the needs of your employees. To find out if telehealth visits could be covered under your health plan, contact your Bukaty benefits consultant.

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