Preparing for workplace violence with insurance.

Violence is unpredictable; be prepared

Authored by Bukaty Companies on October 11, 2019

No one wants to imagine violence in their workplace, but it can happen at a moment’s notice and preparation is key. According to the National Safety Council, workplace violence is the third leading cause of worksite deaths.

When violence strikes, active shooter/workplace violence insurance provides liability coverage and pays for expenses associated with the incident. Despite its name, the plan is not limited to firearm attacks; it covers workplace attacks from knives to explosives.

The coverage extends to liability from any legal action stemming from the event and includes indemnity. Business expenses, ranging from a crisis consultant to temporary security measures, are also covered.

It also covers costs related to victim harm, including but not limited to

  • rehabilitation,
  • medical care,
  • funeral and death expenses, and
  • psychiatric care.

If a violent situation were to occur in your workplace, the last thing you’ll want to think about is cost. This coverage provides peace of mind knowing that in the worst-case scenario you are covered and can focus on what really matters: safety and employee well-being.

Violence can strike anywhere, which is why this coverage is designed for all types of organizations and industries. Coverage limits range from $1 million to $100 million and often has a $0 retention cost. This means there is no out-of-pocket cost to you before the insurance activates on a filed claim. The flexibility and customization make this policy ideal for any business.

If you’re interested in exploring active shooter/workplace violence insurance, contact our Property and Casualty division at 913.951.2400.

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