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    Missouri employers take note: new minimum wage

    Authored by Bukaty Companies on January 23, 2024

    Starting January 1, 2024, Missouri employers must comply with new minimum wage requirements for their employees. 

    Employees of non-exempt and private businesses cannot be paid less than $12.30 per hour. Employers must pay their tip-based employees at least 50% of the minimum wage, or $6.15 per hour. If a tipped employee's total compensation after factoring in tips and employer pay is under $12.30 per hour, the employer must provide additional compensation until the employee meets the minimum hourly threshold. 

    Retail or service businesses generating less than $500,000 of gross annual income are not subject to state minimum wage requirements and can pay employees any amount of their choosing.   

    Applicable Missouri employers should display the 2024 state minimum wage poster in a conspicuous, accessible place. The poster is available from the Missouri Department of Labor in in both English and Spanish formats.   

    In November of 2018, Missouri voters passed Proposition B, an initiative to annually increase the hourly minimum wage in 85 cent increments through 2023. The 2024 wage increase marks the first increase post-Proposition B and was calculated from the cost-of-living index as marked by the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers.   

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