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Use feedback to better your benefits

Authored by Bukaty Companies on January 10, 2020

Knowing what benefits are valuable to employees is a challenge. From a generational benefits study to a benefits data analysis, there are several tools that provide insight into what benefits are most popular. In addition to data, there is a more personalized method to discover what employees want in their benefits package: ask them.

Surveys and focus groups are underutilized but are an efficient and accurate way to determine which benefits are worth the cost. These tactics can provide more emotionally based answers that data can’t capture. Carefully worded questions can tease out important information such as

  • your most appreciated benefit,
  • what benefits employees wish they had,
  • unappreciated benefits, or
  • benefit customization opportunities.

To choose whether a survey, a focus group, or both, is right for your company, consider who will lead the effort and your company’s bandwidth for the project. For a survey you would need someone to create the survey and aggregate results, whereas a focus group would require someone unaffiliated with your company to lead a candid employee discussion.

Quality feedback ensures your benefit investment is maximized to attract and retain quality employees.

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