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How to defend the workplace against flu season

Here's a sobering fact: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 200,000 Americans are hospitalized every year due to flu-like symptoms. Yikes.

Flu season is a frustrating time for employers as well as employees. Whenever any widespread virus or other biological threat...


Top 5 employee 401(k) questions

With the new year, employees may be considering how to save more money and often times that includes bolstering their retirement savings.


Spousal surcharge, exclusion adoption on the rise

More employers are adopting spousal surcharges or exclusions in response to rising health care costs. Employers considering a surcharge should understand the options available and consider the consequences any exclusion or limit has on employee relations.A 2010 Towers Watson report found that...


Five ways to spot and avoid business email fraud

Cybercrime is here. Where are you?
With new technology comes new conveniences, and with that, new crimes.

Weed out bad hires

The consequences of making even one bad hiring decision can be tremendously costly to your company’s bottom line. Theft, sexual harassment, workplace violence, and fraudulent or exaggerated workers’ compensation claims create management distraction and increase operating expenses.One of the most...


Serving alcohol at the company party? 10 ways to manage risks

You want employees to have fun at the company party — just not too much.