Blue KC launches community support tool

    Blue KC requires response to survey link

    BCBSKS requires response to CMS data request by April 30

    Aetna requires response to survey link

    Aetna cost estimator tool now available

    Anthem data request issued

    UnitedHealthcare requires response to data request

    Humana reissues RxDC data request

    Aetna removes Humira from pharmacy formularies

    Blue KC updates prescription drug lists for 2024

    IRS increases health FSA contribution cap by $150

    Carrier stances on 2023 gag attestations

    BCBSKS to complete annual gag attestation on behalf of groups

    Employers must follow guidelines when issuing 2022 MLR rebates

    EEO-1 data collection period opens October 31

    IRS lowers 2024 ACA affordability rate to 8.39%

    Creditable/non-creditable coverage notice due soon

    DOL proposes raising white-collar overtime salary threshold

    Revised Form I-9 just released

    Aetna plan sponsors must complete annual attestation

    New Form I-9 to be released August 1

    IRS releases updated Form 720

    Humana reaches agreement with UnitedHealthcare

    PCORI fee July 31 deadline approaching

    DOL releases two new labor law posters

    2024 HSA and HDHP limits set by the IRS

    IRS increases employer mandate penalties for 2024

    Federal judge strikes down some ACA preventive care requirements

    Medicaid eligibility review will cause millions to lose coverage

    IRS to require e-filing for most employers

    Humana announces exit from employer group medical market

    COVID-19 public health emergency and national emergency end soon

    UHC releases cost-transparency tool

    Humana releases cost-transparency tool

    New protections for pregnant, nursing employees

    Attain by Aetna wellness program discontinued

    Employers have option to amend cafeteria plan allowing mid-year plan change for employees eligible for premium tax credits

    IRS addresses family glitch affecting premium tax credit eligibility

    EEOC releases updated poster

    IRS increases FSA 2023 contribution limits

    Creditable/non-creditable coverage notice due by October 15

    IRS lowers ACA affordability rate for 2023

    Western Missouri Medical Center joins BlueSelect Plus Network

    Aetna announces prescription drug list changes

    Blue KC prescription drug list update

    PCORI fee deadline July 31, 2022

    IRS announces 2023 HSA limits

    IRS to lower 2022 ACA affordability rate

    COBRA, FSA, HRA deadlines extended for additional one-year period

    Blue KC members submit reimbursement form for OTC COVID-19 tests

    Humana outlines two options to obtain no-cost OTC COVID-19 tests

    Cigna explains reimbursement process for OTC COVID-19 tests

    UHC addresses process to provide OTC COVID-19 kits

    Supreme Court blocks OSHA ETS

    DOL addresses reimbursement for OTC COVID-19 tests

    Humana COVID-19 Frequently Asked questions

    Sixth Circuit lifts stay of OSHA ETS

    Annual CMS Notice due October 15

    OSHA directed to draft emergency vaccine requirement

    IRS allows two additional conditions for paid sick leave

    IRS releases updated Form 941

    DOL releases model COBRA election notices

    Biden signs $1.9 trillion in new pandemic relief

    IRS lowers standard mileage rates for 2021

    IRS increases 2021 PCORI fee

    COVID-19 relief bill passed

    OSHA updates COVID-19 reporting requirements

    EEOC delays EEO-1 Report until 2021

    CDC updates close contact guidance

    IRS releases annual contribution limits

    Deadline to provide employee ACA forms extended to March 2

    DOL clarifies independent contractor status

    Remember your 2021 CMS online disclosure obligation

    FFCRA amendments provide greater clarity

    CMS coverage notices due October 15

    DOL releases marketplace notice

    Blue KC extends coronavirus coverages

    IRS to raise 2021 affordability rate

    UHC extends COVID-19 response policies

    Employers must abide by state-legislated mask requirements

    Understand your PPP loan forgiveness eligibility

    Track COBRA, FSA and HRA deadline shifts

    Blue KC provides employer group assistance

    IRS announces 2021 HSA limits

    IRS grants section 125 plan flexibility

    Aetna expands preventive care coverage

    Blue KC updates prescription drug list

    Aetna RX drug list changes

    Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provides Form I-9 flexibility

    Federal income tax filing due July 15

    Understand 2020 Form W-4 changes

    DOL releases additional information on small business FFCRA exemption

    DOL releases required FFCRA model notice

    What to know about coronavirus-related insurance claims

    Congress passes Families First Coronavirus Response Act

    Health insurance carriers prepare for coronavirus

    Aetna announces RX drug list changes

    Know your 1095-B reporting responsibilities

    Employers must utilize updated Form I-9

    Missouri minimum wage increases to $9.45 an hour for 2020

    Blue KC releases new virtual health care app

    Online CMS disclosure due annually

    Congress repeals several ACA taxes; PCORI tax reinstated

    IRS extends distribution deadline for ACA returns to March 2

    EEO-1 pay-data collection extended

    Reminder: Blue KC to transition to new pharmacy benefit manager

    IRS expands preventive care benefits for HSA-compatible HDHPs

    DOL issues opinion letter clarifying FMLA leave requirement

    IRS announces 2020 contribution limits

    Social Security payroll tax increases in 2020

    DOL announces possible FMLA form changes

    Final rule raises overtime salary threshold

    4% ACA premium tax returns in 2020

    Creditable Coverage notice is an annual CMS requirement

    Employers must follow guidelines when issuing MLR rebates

    IRS to lower 2020 affordability rate

    Colorado bans the box

    DOL issues update on joint-employer relationship

    KCMO bans salary-history inquiries

    IRS announces 2020 HSA limits

    Annual PCORI fee due July 31, 2019

    Revised EEO-1 pay-data requirement upheld

    IRS issues new 401(k) hardship withdrawal guidance

    DOL issues awaited overtime rule proposal

    401(k) contribution limit increases to $19,000 for 2019

    EEO-1 Report deadline is May 31

    New year means new minimum wage in Missouri

    IRS extends distribution deadline for ACA returns to March 4

    IRS sets HSA, FSA and 401(k) Limits

    IRS releases 2018 ACA reporting forms

    New overtime rule expected in March 2019

    Social Security payroll tax hike to impact high earners next year

    U.S. Department of Labor releases new FMLA forms

    Creditable Coverage notice required annually

    Blue KC to launch remote care management program

    Aetna announces prescription drug changes for 2019

    Are you ready for a DOL audit?

    ACA affordability threshold increases for 2019

    DOL issues final rule on association health plans

    Blue KC to begin coverage for 3D mammograms

    IRS to increase affordability rate for 2019

    Blue KC to start preventive health program

    Blue KC announces prescription drug updates

    Annual PCORI fee due July 31

    Blue KC to require electronic billing August 1

    2019 HSA contributions released by IRS

    IRS announces relief for 2018 HSA family contributions

    New labor law posters and forms

    EEO-1 Report deadline March 31

    Fiduciary rule at standstill

    KCMO passes Ban-The-Box ordinance

    IRS lowers 2018 hsa family contributions $50

    IRS increases 2018 penalties for noncompliance

    Large employers must enter health care value on Form W-2

    IRS notifies employers of ACA penalties

    Blue KC releases 2018 prescription drug list adjustments

    IRS releases new health care coverage reporting requirements for 2017 tax year

    Return of ACA tax comes with increase in premiums

    Blue KC announces Amwell telemed visit increase

    IRS sets 2018 limits for FSA, HSA, 401(k)

    New workers' compensation poster issued

    DOL releases new Marketplace notice

    DOL rescinds guidance on independent contractors and joint employment

    Wage and hour data requirement suspended on EEO-1 form

    Creditable Coverage notice is annual CMS requirement

    IRS lowers ACA affordability threshold for premium tax credit

    New Form I-9 released

    Transitional relief extended for small group employers

    Annual PCORI fee due on July 31

    IRS announces 2018 HSA contribution limits

    Blue KC implements Rx cost management plan

    Form I-9 correction

    UHC announces new preventive services coverage

    UHC updates Prescription Drug List for 2017

    EEOC issues sample wellness notice

    Forms 1095 due to employees by March 2

    Blue KC announces new prescription drug updates

    Release of new 2017 Form W-4

    Missouri minimum wage bumps to $7.70

    IRS extends employer deadline for ACA forms

    Overtime rule on hold

    EEO-1 report to collect employee pay data

    Coventry announces prescription drug changes for 2017

    Humana announces provider network change

    DOL fiduciary regulations affect plan sponsors

    New Form I-9 revisions effective January 22

    White-collar exemption rule effective December 1

    DOL updates MO labor law posters

    2017 401(k) contribution limits static for employees, increased for employers

    Blue KC prescription drug updates

    Transition reinsurance fee form available

    Prepare for the white-collar exemption rule

    Deadline for filing EE0-1 is September 30

    OSHA final rule may affect your business

    New DOL postings available

    Humana retracts Part B reimbursement position

    Marketplace notices define appeals process

    Retail Telehealth provides online access to medical care

    Overtime regulation affects millions

    PCORI fee due July 31